Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need probate?

When the assets exceed $166,250.

However, if there is real property valued at less than $166,250 that is subject to probate administration, this will require Court involvement as well.  Including many timeshares.


Transfer on Death Deed

Let us examine the TOD deed and where it is most likely to be appropriate.


How often do I need to review my documents?

Generally every 3 to 5 years, when major life events occur, or when there is a change in the law. 

Changes in family relations such as:

     Marital dissolution or separation

     Death of a spouse

     If you get married

     Changes regarding a child or grandchild (or other beneficiary)

          Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Adoption, Death, Financial Responsibility

Changes in your economic status:

     Asset values substantially increase or decrease

     Changes in employment

     Change in business interests


External Changes:

     Changes in the law - such as estate tax exemption

     Change of residence

     Death or inability to act of one of your successor agents (trustee, executor, attorney in fact, health

          care agent)